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No. 202-1

April 3, 2020

Open a Twitter account

-Information will be distributed via SNS-

Medical Care Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Medical Care”) opened a Twitter account on April 1 to deliver medical care news, employment information, and announcements.

Currently, only information on medical care is available, but we plan to gradually distribute information such as the "now" of welfare and long-term care and information useful for long-term care. In the future, we will deliver information on medical care, welfare and long-term care to various people, and aim to raise awareness of medical care.

Stay tuned for the future of your Medical Care Twitter account.

Medical Care will continue to aim to be a company that can contribute to the local community and society.

◆ Twitter account overview

  Account opening date

April 1, 2020 (Wednesday)

account name

Medical Care Co., Ltd.


@medicalcare_pr q

Delivery contents

  • Medical care news, employment information, announcements, etc.

  • Information useful for welfare / long-term care "now" and long-term care (scheduled to be delivered sequentially)

that's all


◆ Medical Care Co., Ltd. 0766-86-8856 Click here for inquiries by email q

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