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Information on Medical Care Webletter

Thank you for your continued patronage of our service.


We will start "Medical Care Webletter" so that you can use the public relations paper, which is delivered to your family every month, more conveniently.


As a result, in addition to the conventional paper, you can easily view the public relations paper on the website at any time on your smartphone.


In addition, with the spread of the Novel Coronavirus infection, customers' needs for "non-face-to-face / non-contact" are increasing, and by making public relations papers available on the website, "non-face-to-face / non-contact" We believe that we can meet the needs of.


The usage of "Medical Care Webletter" is as follows.



Here r you access from to "Medical Care Webletter" page.[Japanese]



Click on the title you want to see the public relations paper.



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* All content has a viewing deadline. Please note that you will not be able to view the content after the viewing deadline.

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